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Sports and Iyengar Yoga. How Iyengar yoga can benefit athletes

April 2023

It has been said that if your aim is to become a top-notch yogi, sports may be a hindrance. On the other hand, as an athlete, yoga has substantial benefits for your body and mind and will assist you in achieving your personal sports goals. 

At Hamilton Yoga, we pride ourselves on offering inclusive classes for people of all levels and abilities. It is however not uncommon for sports people to believe yoga is mainly for women, is too mystic, only for spiritual persons, or lacks intensity for highly physically orientated people. This perception is very much outdated. Especially Iyengar yoga can provide exceptional benefits for both male and female athletes. 

David, owner and headteacher at Hamilton Yoga, has personally a strong affiliation with football (soccer) and understands the sports culture well. He is competent and knowledgeable to provide well-suited sequences to complement players’ and athletes’ training, independently of their sport and gender. 

Iyengar Yoga can support athletes in several ways, including:

  1. Improved flexibility
  2. Enhanced strength and balance
  3. Mental focus and concentration
  4. Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  5. Stress relief
  6. Mental health
  7. Improved breathing
  8. Team building

Let’s elaborate.

  1. Improved flexibility: Many sports require a significant amount of flexibility, and practising Iyengar Yoga can help improve a sports athlete's flexibility. The precise alignment and use of props in Iyengar Yoga can help athletes stretch and lengthen their muscles, enhancing their range of motion and reducing the risk of injury.
  2. Enhanced strength and balance: Iyengar Yoga also emphasizes building strength and balance, which are essential for many sports. The static holds and precise alignment in Iyengar Yoga can help athletes develop strong and stable muscles, improving their overall physical performance.
  3. Mental focus and concentration: Iyengar Yoga also involves a significant mental component, which can help athletes improve their mental focus and concentration. The practice of Iyengar Yoga involves paying attention to the breath and being fully present in the moment, which can help athletes stay calm and focused during competition.
  4. Injury prevention and rehabilitation: Iyengar Yoga can also be helpful in preventing and rehabilitating sports injuries. The practice can help athletes identify areas of weakness or tightness in their bodies and work on correcting these imbalances, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, Iyengar Yoga can be a gentle and effective form of rehabilitation for athletes recovering from injuries.
  5. Stress relief: Sports people often face high levels of stress and pressure. Iyengar Yoga can provide a valuable opportunity for them to relax, reduce stress and improve mental focus, leading to better performance on and off the field.
  6. Mental health: Physical and mental health are important assets for athletes. Studies have shown that practising Iyengar yoga can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression and be effective in reducing symptoms of depression in individuals with chronic pain.
  7. Improved breathing: Iyengar Yoga involves deep breathing techniques that can help sports people improve their lung capacity, leading to better endurance and performance. 
  8. Team building: Attending other physical activities together outside the usual training regimes can positively impact the team mentality. 

Overall, incorporating Iyengar Yoga into a sports training regime can have numerous physical and mental benefits, improving overall performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Please get in touch with David if you are interested in attending our Iyengar yoga classes at Hamilton Yoga. Our studio is centrally located in Newcastle NSW at 21 Steel Street, Hamilton. 

At Hamilton Yoga, we are also happy to organise corporate and private Iyengar yoga classes as team-building activities for any groups or sports teams. Enquiries can be made directly to info@hamiltonyoga.com.au

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