Classes at Hamilton Yoga

Everything you need to know about attending our yoga classes and beginner courses at our Hamilton yoga studio in Newcastle, NSW.

How to join and attend our Iyengar yoga classes

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Class Types and Levels

Our classes are tailored to suit your experience level and abilities. We teach at the following four levels: Beginners, Progressing, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Beginners Yoga Course

Beginners yoga classes suit absolute beginners, those returning to yoga after a break and those wanting an introduction to the Iyengar yoga method.

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Gentle Beginner Classes

A gentler and slower-paced introduction to yoga. Gentle classes are suitable for more mature people, seniors, and those working with injuries or medical issues. 

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Progressing (Level 1) Yoga Classes

For those who have completed the 10-week Beginners Course, or those with prior Iyengar yoga experience.

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Intermediate (Level 1.5) Classes

For those wanting to progress with a more gradual transition from Level 1 to Level 2

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Advanced (Level 2) Yoga Classes

For eager students who have completed a minimum of 18 months at Level 1.

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Restorative Yoga Classes

A quieter, more reserved practice to complement your regular yoga classes or for students wanting a more supported approach to postures.

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Private & Group Bookings

We offer private sessions and are happy to facilitate group bookings.

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Online Yoga Classes

Our level 1 and 2 classes are offered with an online option available from the comfort of your home.

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Memberships & Courses

At Hamilton Yoga in Newcastle NSW, we strive to make yoga an affordable practice that meets your needs, especially for beginners. Please inquire with us about the best courses and options to suit your circumstances.

Beginners Course

from $18 per week
  • up to 6 classes a week included with Intro Offer
  • all ages, no experience required
  • all props supplied
  • 10-week course each term
  • pro-rata fee for delayed entry
  • 6 class times to choose from

Basic Membership

$19.25 per class
  • 1 x class per week
  • attend extra classes at your membership class rate
  • in-studio or online
  • experienced students (L1 and L2)
  • $77 per month

Standard Membership

$17 per class
  • 2 x classes per week
  • extra classes at your membership class rate
  • includes led practice for Level 2 students
  • in-studio or online
  • experienced students (L1 and L2)
  • $136 per month

Dedicated Membership

$46 per week
  • UNLIMITED attendance
  • for 3 or more classes per week ($15.33/class or less)
  • includes led practice for Level 2 students
  • in-studio or online
  • experienced students (L1 and L2)
  • $184 per month

Casual Attendance

You are welcome to attend classes on a casual basis. Click on a pass below to purchase. With a valid pass book a class via our Live Timetable to secure your spot. Concession prices available.

1 x class at your level


1 x beginners class


1 x class Level 1 and up


10 x classes at your level


1-on-1 class with yoga teacher

From $50
From $50

Please contact us to enquire.

From $22
From $22

*4-month expiry from date of first use

What to expect

In our yoga classes, we explore a wide spectrum of yoga poses (asanas) that are appropriate for each respective level from beginners, progressing, intermediate, to advanced.

Accompanying, we also give some context and a little philosophical background which may assist your practice and your personal lifestyle. 


A class is structured as a sequence of poses, often starting with more active ones, and ending with asanas which help quieten the nervous system. 

A new pose will be introduced with a demonstration by the teacher coupled with detailed explanations.


The teacher will at times circulate the room and offer highly skilled adjustments where appropriate. Adjustments are a great privilege in Iyengar yoga and are executed with the utmost respect.

Modified Poses

Iyengar yoga is especially well suited for modifying poses as needed for certain conditions and medical issues that are presented by students. Often teachers will provide alternative ways to work in a pose depending on individual needs.


There are several groupings of asanas, such as standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, inversions, or restorative poses.

Beginners and Progressing (level 1) classes cover many preparations of asanas from each group.  Advanced classes focus more on exploring a particular group of asanas.

Continuous Development 

With our Iyengar yoga classes, we hope to instill a sense of confidence in you in your yoga practice and to provide you with stimulating challenges for both your body and mind.

Our progressive and continuous approach to teaching your understanding of your yoga practice will build week by week.

group of men and women smiling walking into yoga studioDavid providing assistance to a studentstudents using ropes to during yoga class

Before attending your first class

What do I do when arriving at the yoga studio before class?

  • Ideally, we recommend to allow 3 hours after a meal before a yoga class. A snack 2 hours before class is fine.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before class time so the class can start promptly. 
  • Please wait to enter until the previous class has finished.
  • Reception will open 15 minutes before the start time of any scheduled class.
  • Please arrive and depart quietly, especially for early morning and evening classes. 
  • We have two external unisex toilets and a changeroom plus toilet inside.
  • You may leave your belongings in the pigeonholes in our reception area. After the start of class, the reception area will be locked.
  • Drinking during classes is not necessary. Hydrate well before class and leave your drink bottles in the reception area with your belongings. You’ll find filtered water in our changeroom.

What should I bring to class?

  • All mats and equipment are provided. You are welcome to bring your own mat if preferred. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movements. 
  • Tights or shorts which show your ankles and knees are ideal. Baggy clothing is not recommended, as visible knees and ankles help with the alignment of the body. 
  • We recommend wearing layers as during a class you will warm up and cool down.
  • Our studio space is well-ventilated with natural airflow. Additionally, we have ceiling fans, a/c and heating in winter.

I have an injury/health concern

  • Please fill out a registration form to notify teachers of any health conditions, pregnancy, or injuries. This is important for teachers to assist you safely in class.
  • All information provided by you to the entity of Hamilton Yoga is subject to confidentiality.
  • Before any class, always inform your teacher about any conditions that may affect your practice that day even if this was noted on your registration.
  • Feel free to discuss any conditions or questions you may have in person by calling us beforehand or talking to the teacher before the class.
group of women walking outside of red and blue Hamilton Yoga buildingyoga participants stretching forward facing the floor on yoga matsiyengar yoga instructor assisting student

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a total of six weekly beginner classes where we teach the essential foundations of Iyengar yoga. With the INTRO OFFER, you have the flexibility to attend as many of these classes as you’d like. Our recommendation is to attend at least once a week as the beginners course is progressing week by week. So, the majority of our students will turn up to one class per week. However, some keen students may wish to attend more often to consolidate their learning and experience more regular yoga practice. With the INTRO OFFER, you are welcome to come as often as your schedule allows and there are spaces available. We love having enthusiastic students in the room and sharing our love for Iyengar Yoga.

Our yoga studio is a spacious and open room with timber flooring and natural light. The studio is well-ventilated with natural airflow, as well as equipped with split-system air conditioning, ceiling fans, and wheelchair access. In our reception area, we can offer space for storing personal items during a class. There is a change room along with unisex toilets both inside and outside.

In our studio we provide all standard props for yoga and are fitted out with specialised props such as wall ropes, a tressler, and a demonstration stage, to name a few. 

Parking is usually available in front of the yoga schoolalong Steel Street. Alternatively, daytime parking is available along the TudorStreet side of Gregson Park or across the road in front of Hamilton PublicSchool.

Ideally, please allow 3 hours after a heavy meal before doing yoga or attending a class. You may have a light snack up 2 hours before class.

Hydrate well before class. A water dispenser is available at the studio.

No, you do not need to be flexible for attending our yoga classes. Our classes are suitable for everybody, regardless of body, gender, ability, or age. Please contact us if you have a particular concern you would like to discuss.

Iyengar Yoga Classes and Beginners Courses in Newcastle